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Taiwan Fan

Dear Anders Sodergren:

This is [Chang,Hsiao Chuan] from Taiwan. I have been a loyal fan of you for many years. You are my favorite Cross-country skiing skier. After watching your performance the first time, I instantly became one of your fans. You are truly the best skier of all time and you are so handsome.

I really enjoy watching your games, and you are an amazing. Whenever you are on any live broadcast, I have always cheered you in front of my TV set- it is really a pleasure to watch one of your games. I can only say that your ability to tolerate and react to stress must be amazing.

Whenever you had a crash, I was always so worried about how badly you were injured. I hope I will be able to see you personally one day. And I also hope that no sports injuries will ever block your way towards more championships in the future.

My sincere apologies for not being able to send you a pre-stamped, return envelope, as I cannot purchase any your country stamps in Taiwan.

Lastly, because I am a student so I do not have any financial resources to purchase your autographed items, and I really do not know where I can possibly make such a purchase, I really hope I can receive an autograph from you,please. Your autograph will be my most valuable collection, and I will not ever sell it to anyone.

I will always support you and look forward to your reply. I will pray for your continuing success and safety.

*My Name And Address:
*Mr. Chang,Hsiao Chuan
*No 156 , Jingwu Rd , Fengshan Dist , Kaohsiung City 83046 TAIWAN (R.O.C)

Thank you

Kind regards

[Chang,Hsiao Chuan]


Chang , Hsiao Chuan
5 april 2012 Kl.19:23

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